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Our Team

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Business Owner/Painter

Evan began his painting career in 2003 while pursuing his business degree at Portland State University. During his time at PSU, he successfully ran a small painting franchise and mastered many of the basic fundamentals of the painting industry. After graduating as a dual major in 2008, he began working with one of the leading residential painting companies in Portland, and continued to fine tune his leadership and project management skills. Now, with over 15 years of industry experience, he is the proud owner of Apex Paint and Remodel. He enjoys spending time with his wife Ashley and their 3 children as well as many outdoor activities including hunting or camping anywhere that will allow him an opportunity to get his quad in the sand. 


Marketing/Branding Director
Design/Color Consultant

Ashley was born in Oregon, but spent half of her life in Minnesota where the majority of her family still resides. After graduating high school, she spent 12 years working in a variety of fields primarily focused around customer service, design, and hospitality. She places customer care and satisfaction above all else, and prides herself on building and maintaining strong relationships with everyone around her. She has a passion for any project that allows her to utilize her creative abilities and has an eye for color and design. Her creative strengths make her particularly effective in her marketing/advertising role with Apex. Ashley and her husband, Evan, currently live in West Salem with their 3 kids. She loves being a mom, building the family business, and one day hopes to travel and experience the world with her family.

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Project Manager

Jeromy has over 16 years experience in the industry. He began his career while still attending high school for a company that built houses from the foundation up. After moving to Alaska, he joined a commercial construction company that focused on building hotels, warehouses, and had a heavy emphasis on remodeling work. His favorite project to date was remodeling for Harley Davidson. After returning to Oregon, he has continued to build his career in paint and remodel. His passion for hands-on work and unparalleled work ethic have lead him to excel in this field. He is primarily motivated by his desire to meet or exceed his customers expectations and treats every job as if he were working on his own house. Maintaining our customers trust is his number one priority and doing things the right way is a must- even if it takes longer. In Jeromy's free time, he enjoys all things outdoors including hunting, crabbing, and spending time adventuring with his two boys.

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