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Being the Wife of a Tradesman Rocks.

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Being married to a guy that knows how to fix everything is awesome, until you realize he never has time to do any of it. All the broken things in our house typically get put on hold to fix other people’s broken things in their homes… it’s just one of those things! Ha. It’s exciting though, when it finally is our turn to do a little work on the house, but where to start??

As flexible as Evan is, he typically asks me what I’d like done first. What a gent.. but I try to let him choose first, since he is such a hard worker and he deserves it! So, he chose to move dirt around our property and add rocks to the edge of our driveway…. which is not short. This project was supposed to take a couple weeks (or so) and now we’re going on 3 months. Other projects have been on hold until the rocks are done. We’ve all been out there way too much this winter dealing with this (including/especially Evan). The rocks were covered in a thick, muddy soil that was so hard to wash off, each rock needed to be hosed down individually at a fairly close range. It sounds crazy and it hasn’t been fun, but the rocks needed it and now they’re looking great! I remember the first day Evan was washing these rocks I gave him a really hard time about it because I thought it was a waste of time- I even jokingly asked him if he wanted a toothbrush. Then I washed some. Ok, so they needed it pretty bad and even thought it was pouring down rain on them for weeks, it wasn’t getting the mud/clay off at all. So I’ve been out there with our crew, on our hands and knees, covered in mud, working in rain, shine, hail, ice, snow…. You name it. We’ve been out there getting sprayed in the face and soaking wet for 3 months, in winter. One day, I lost track of time and was almost late picking the boys up from school, so I got outta my waders and jumped in the car as quick as I could. Although Evan kissed me goodbye, it wasn’t until I got back that I realized my face was covered in mud splatter and he just decided to not say anything. Good thing I only spoke face-to-face with both my kids’ teachers at pickup. No big deal. #TypicalMan #HahaYoureHilarious

Anyways, cleaning these rocks also somehow rips the knees out of any pants you try, regardless of how tough they are, because you kneel to wash them. The repetitive picking up of these sharp-edged rocks also blows the finger tips out on any pair of gloves you try, made out of any material possible… so your gloves and sleeves are usually full of water all day and your fingertips are spongey. It’s weird that you stay warm, but you do, even though you’re actually soaking wet. All day. Evan and I have spent quite a bit of time out there and I have to give our team huge props for their hard work and effort throughout this project! We know it hasn’t been comfortable, but in some ways it’s been enjoyable. We’ve had so many dump trucks of rocks brought here that I’ve lost track. I think it was 18… possibly 20. That’s so many dump trucks of rocks. I know you all know how I’m feeling right now… how we are feeling. Projects can spiral out of control and snowball into a financial disaster pretty fast, and this one was no exception lol… what I do know is that our guys will literally push through any obstacles or conditions to complete their tasks the best they can, at a high quality which shows they really do care and are committed to their work. We’re so excited to be a part of this team and cant wait for spring to kick off and that sun to come out!

Our interior season is wrapping up, so if you guys have any last-minute interior repairs, updates, paint, or remodel work that needs to be done on your interior, call us! Help get our team out of the mud and bump you to the top of their priority list instead haha…It’s been fun reporting the Apex behind-the-scenes disasters and successes that have been going on with our property, which we can all relate to, even those of us with the most knowledge on the topic. Enjoy the video and as always, thank you so much for reading!

-the wife

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