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Flooring & Cupboards & Beams, Oh My!

With exterior painting season sneaking up on us, it's important to remember all the fun we have doing interior painting and remodel in the off-season. Painting kitchen cabinets is arguably the most involved painting task there is (generally speaking). Sounds simple enough, they're just cabinets after all... however, sometimes the seemingly simple tasks take by far the longest amount of time and the most effort. These pictures give a glimpse into the heart of an interior remodel project from the obvious floor covering, taping & draping to the not-so-obvious hardware removal, sanding for days, "spray booth" construction & even the creative problem solving when it comes to safely drying freshly painted cabinet doors. These photos are the perfect example of a typical Apex paint & remodel project in the making. Aside from our rockstar crew, what I appreciate most about these photos is how tidy the area still looks even though it's technically "under construction." We've all seen a remodel show where the family is quarantined into a basement bedroom and the entire house is an unlivable mess, but not so much the case here. Sure this is a smaller project than the typical Chip & Joanna Fixer-Upper, but we still take pride in a tidy work space regardless the size of the project. Our goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible with each project from start to finish, treating our clients' homes the same as we would if it were a friend, family member or our very own. We put the same tedious effort into our prepping process as we do applying the final product because each step carries its own level of importance. So proud of our crew on this one and cant wait to share photos from project completion- This place is looking excellent!

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