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He'll “Get to it when he gets to it“

Women are not helpless. In fact, we’re much more capable than we want you to think we are. The thing is, if we take ownership of everything in the house (even once…) it may become our problem, permanently. I remember one year, Evan left our Christmas tree on the front porch and let me tell you… to me, the worst part of Christmas decorating is wrestling a spikey, sticky, spider-infested tree into a tree stand. I kept getting the “just put it up – it’s not a big deal…” but I stood my ground and it was put up (by him) about 2 weeks later. Point being, every year since then it’s not even a question of whether or not that’s my problem/job, it just isn’t... winning! So…when there’s a task needing to be done on the house- whether that’s a necessary repair or something fun from the nice-to-have list, it’s brutal to hear “Just put it on my list” when you know that list is actually the Bermuda Triangle where honey-do lists go to die and dreams are crushed forever.

I don’t like adding anything to that list. I get very persistent… he gets annoyed... it’s a vicious cycle, but also a normal spousal thing, right? It’s funny to me that people think because we own a paint & remodel business, that all our stuff is in tip-top shape. Nope. It’s not, yet, because my husband is busy dealing with our guys, and our guys are busy dealing with clients. That’s how it goes though. I worked in dental for 15 years and I can’t tell you how many dentists I’ve worked with that hate getting their teeth worked on. The staff literally had to trick them into appts by booking fake patients and locking them in the room. True story. So anyways, we all have things that need to get done and none of us have time to do any of them. Exterior Season is sneaking up on us! If you have any interior paint or remodel needs let's get those booked before the spring/summer season kicks off! You should also get that wish list started now so that your spouse can procrastinate it long enough that when it’s time to get started on those outdoor projects they’ll surrender and let us do it for y’all. As they say, better to get it done right the first time. What a lot of DIYers don’t realize is that it costs double to do a project twice (once when they try and once again… when we fix it). Until next time, thanks for reading!

-the wife.

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